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8 Songs From The Week In Music – The Final Combined Tape

8 Songs From The Week In Music – The Final Combined Tape


Lucy Gaffney – Simply Associates

The massive-scale indie haze of Lucy Gaffney’s ‘Simply Associates’ performs out throughout a wealthy palette of fuzzing guitars, shimmering backdrops and fascinating vocals, making for an immediately consideration grabbing providing.

Larks – Speaking To Myself

A pulsating pop providing from Larks, the plush, driving music of ‘Speaking To Myself’ takes form by way of a widescreen synth-pop backdrop and the artist’s heartfelt vocal efficiency. All of which makes for a stylistically putting sound. 

Saibhe Skelly – Sly

The deeply set ‘Sly’ marks a powerful sonic bounce from Saibh Skelly. With its full-bodied beat, huge choruses and commanding vocals from Skelly, the music is a stylistically assertion from the rising pop artist. 

Anna’s Anchor – Listowel

Taken from Anna’s Anchor new album The Merries, the plush pop-punk fringe of ‘Listowel’ reaches its large-scale ambitions with a sound that fills the sonic spectrum behind the hooks and beats.

Photograph credit score: Ellius Grace

Niamh Bury – Beehive

‘Beehive’ is a deftly composed providing from Niamh Bury. Set towards a serene folks basis, the music rests upon the light efficiency and musicality that weaves its spell from begin to end.

Photograph credit score: Molly Keane

Kate Dineen – Burnout

The laid-back vibe and harmonically wealthy sound of ‘Burnout’ finds songwriter Kate Dineen exploring escapism with a music that matches the daydream temper of the lyrical musings.

Nell Mescal – Punchline

The far-reaching alt-pop of Nell Mescal’s ‘Punchline’ swings for the fences. From the widescreen driving indie passages to huge sing-a-long choruses, the large-scale manufacturing and efficiency make for a compelling hear. 

Roisin – The Love You Go away Behind

A heartfelt providing from Roisin, ‘The Love You Left Behind’ has a minimalist-pop high quality to it that rests itself upon the ability of the songwriting and efficiency behind it.



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