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Eluozo Explores The Metropolis Lights

Eluozo Explores The Metropolis Lights


Eluozo - City Lights on Right Chord Music

Eluozo’s hedonistic EDM anthem is the right soundtrack for a wild bohemian night time.

Eluozo, TreyWyze – Metropolis Lights

Following his final single Fly Away Anthem, a radiating banger which has obtained airplay in 25 nations, in addition to being lined by blogs comparable to Indie Wire and EDM Nations, Eluozo is making one other incursion into the world of electronica. Metropolis Lights retains his signature fashion of vibrant upbeat soundscapes and clean, passionate vocals unravelling themes of abandon and freedom.

Proudly hailing from and based mostly in Lagos, Nigeria, the songster desires to share his fascination together with his hometown’s nightlife by putting it aspect by aspect with one other object of his affection, a extra carnal need. Because the beat thumps wild and untamed as loud and overwhelming because the blinding neon glares of the bohemian district our heroes are deflowering, so does his unhinged love declarations each to torrid metropolis nightlife and his unnamed companion.

Full of need and pleasure, he reaches out his hand to ask this particular person to discover the night time “wild and free (…) like town we stay in”. His desired one’s physique gleams enticingly in opposition to the backdrop of the colorful flashes that set a metropolis’ night time ablaze. They each confound themselves with one another and maintain his mesmerised gaze all by way of.

The quieter moments see Eluozo’s sensual voice accompanied by a mere piano. “Been ready for the fireplace that comes with the solar in the summertime and your physique banging”, he chants contemplatively, build up anticipation earlier than the heavy thuds flash proper again and pitilessly conquer the scene within the refrain.

The night time is younger and lies earlier than you, asking to be explored. Don’t resist it!

“An irresistible EDM jam”

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