Home Metal Music Hanoi Rocks’ Michael Monroe: “Our Musicianship Was Ignored Due to All of the Hoopla Across the Band”

Hanoi Rocks’ Michael Monroe: “Our Musicianship Was Ignored Due to All of the Hoopla Across the Band”

Hanoi Rocks’ Michael Monroe: “Our Musicianship Was Ignored Due to All of the Hoopla Across the Band”


Glam (or glam-adjacent, as singer Michael Monroe would possibly choose) rockers Hanoi Rocks have usually been surrounded by controversy and drama, particularly following the dying of drummer Nicholas “Razzle” Dingley, who was killed in a 1984 drunk driving accident with Vince Neil behind the wheel. In a brand new interview with Final Guitar, Monroe mentioned the band’s legacy and whether or not or not they thought-about themselves a part of the ’80s glam and hair metallic scene at massive.

On the glam scene, Monroe stated that he isn’t upset to be categorized as glam however that he didn’t take part in most of the hedonistic life-style selections his friends did.

“Hanoi Rocks actually did defy classes, although. We mixed punk, glam, calypso, and no matter else we have been into on the time. I feel we have been a breath of contemporary air, and I suppose that’s why lots of people say we have been influential over a whole lot of these bands. However, yeah, you’re proper, we did affect that scene, however I feel we impressed bands like Weapons N’ Roses in a great way. However a band like Aerosmith additionally impressed them, and bands like them. So, it’s a matter of pulling influences from many alternative locations.

“So, no, it doesn’t hassle me. It’s an honor, and it’s very flattering to listen to that Hanoi Rocks influenced a whole lot of bands. However I’ll say that a whole lot of it acquired to be very superficial and was extra about make-up, posing, large hairdos, and all that shit. And then you definately had the intercourse, medicine, rock ‘n’ roll rubbish, too. The ’80s grew to become very cliché, however none of that was ever what Hanoi Rocks was about. We all the time put the music first and the remainder second. It wasn’t about partying and women and all that. I’ve by no means been with a groupie in my total life. I’m not that sort of man.”

Monroe was additionally open about the truth that he believes the band’s expertise was overshadowed by controversy.

“Quite a lot of it was good. A few of it was not so good. However like I stated, all that additional crap was not what rock ‘n’ roll was about to me. I take that [rock ‘n’ roll] extra critically. So, firstly, Hanoi Rocks was a band that was totally concerning the music. However I feel that when we did form of turn out to be part of that ’80s scene, a whole lot of our musicianship was neglected due to all of the hoopla across the band. It’s no secret that there was a whole lot of rumors, drama, and tragedy swirling round us after Razzle handed. So, I feel the unique intent and spirit of Hanoi Rocks is usually buried beneath that.”

Hanoi Rocks guitarist Andy McCoy has since claimed that Neil by no means apologized for Dingley’s dying.



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