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SKELETONS is the melodic, eclectic debut EP from M33CH!, who describes the challenge as “the end result of a realization for my love of music.” Spanning from the debonair hip-hop of “Earnings” to the atmospheric synth-laden pop hooks in “Teenage Love Track,” the EP’s songwriting and manufacturing excels throughout varied soundscapes.

The opener “Bones” struts a retrospective, acoustic-forward lushness — relaying themes of spiraling anxiousness and loneliness, right into a shimmering textural backing. A young guitar accompaniment soars alongside the acoustics and backing shine, culminating within the compelling “I’m damaged,” dual-vocal layering. “Bones” is a standout opener that lures listeners with the artist’s prevalent melodic strengths and knack for temper.

The following “The Massive Evening” additionally begins its tempo with regular vocals and acoustics, all of the whereas increasing into a completely vibrant pop-minded allure. “Are you listening to me all proper? It’s the massive fucking evening,” the vocals exclaim, casting an amiable glow with sounding components pump-up anthem and soulful reminiscer. The upbeat, anticipatory themes resonate right into a rousing “tonight I’m out by myself,” bridge with exuberant guitar-fronted engrossment.

The EP stirs with its vary of acoustic-set contemplation and brisk pop movers alike. The latter is maybe finest achieved with the wonderful “Teenage Love Track.” Fleeting guitar jangles and responsive vocals present a late-night enchantment into the “lights flash,” hook, because the title-touting chorus performs with replay-inducing impact upon the combination of synths and “not once more,” vocal infectiousness. M33CH! totally impresses all through the EP, from the hooky drive of “Teenage Love Track” to the hip-hop moodiness of “Earnings.”

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