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Paul Supreme is an Creative Chameleon on New Single “Ninja Sword” • Impartial Music Promotions

Paul Supreme is an Creative Chameleon on New Single “Ninja Sword”

Paul Supreme is an artistic chameleon on "Ninja Sword"

Paul Supreme is a creative chameleon on his metaphor and hook-heavy new single “Ninja Sword”, our June 2nd on streaming platforms. “Ninja Sword” continues Paul’s artistic evolution, combing an adventurous wit with an progressive, freewheeling strategy to combining genres and textures to most impact.

Well uniting masterful versatility with an unwavering ardour for music in all of its kinds, artist and songwriter Paul Supreme brings an fringe of intention, character, and outright presence to trendy music. Someplace past the sting of pop, digital, and hip hop experimentation, his spirit thrives.

Born and raised in Milwaukee, Paul was first launched to the music trade via his immensely proficient father, Dennis Flemion, who performed in a band referred to as The FrogsThe Frogs earned the respect and admiration of grunge heroes like Eddie VedderKurt Cobain and Billy Corgan. Because of this, Paul was round a number of the largest names within the trade as a younger boy.

Seeing the true personalities of those main artists and seeing them as individuals impacted Paul. All these experiences with such massive celebrities of the period taught Paul a mantra that he lives by right this moment: “I don’t care who you’re once I meet you, I’ll by no means put anybody on a pedestal, nor will I ever have a look at anybody as decrease than me. You can be Drake and I wouldn’t be in awe. I’d be like what up Aubrey. And in the event you have been a bum on the road, I’d take heed to you and make it easier to if I may if that’s what you have been in search of. Nobody is aware of what the true objective of life is and all of us share that. You can be the richest individual or the poorest, however all of us go to the identical place. Drake and I’ll each return to the earth; he simply may put his cash within the grave whereas I wouldn’t.” 

Paul Supreme is an artistic chameleon on "Ninja Sword"

Paul Supreme‘s music path started in his college days, resulting in the artistic output of hip hop teams The Novus Future and The Caskets, the latter of which was fueled by ample amphetamines and psychedelic medicine. After the demise of his father from a tragic accident, Paul’s life modified as he entered the grips of a ten yr ‘darkish night time of the soul’.

After rising as a solo artist and taking up the moniker Paul Supreme, a time period used to outline his new-found energy and private energy, Paul has launched two full-length albums and a prolific string of singles. With “Ninja Sword”, Paul showcases each his heady life expertise and his equally hefty humorousness and talent to giggle at life, together with himself and his personal relationships.

Comply with Paul on Spotify.

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