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Titan Passenger’s Stepson Caught At Blink-182 Present

Because the world anxiously awaits information in regards to the misplaced Titanic submersible and its 5 passengers, a stepson of one of many people on board finds himself defending a controversial choice that has left the web in a large state of trolling.

Brian Szasz, stepson of British billionaire Hamish Harding, who launched into the ill-fated OceanGate Expeditions tour, has come below scrutiny for attending a Blink-182 live performance whereas the rescue mission unfolds.

As reported by Mediaite, Within the face of uncertainty, Szasz turned to social media, taking to his web page to request ideas and prayers for the continued rescue efforts aimed toward finding the submerged vessel. Nonetheless, his choice to additionally attend the Blink-182 live performance, for which he had beforehand bought tickets, drew each criticism and confusion. In a now-deleted standing replace, Szasz acknowledged the potential distastefulness of his presence on the occasion however justified his selection, stating that his favourite band and the solace present in music supply him consolation throughout troublesome occasions.

It needs to be famous that everybody does take care of grief in another way, and this may occasionally have been a type of escapism for Szasz, and we have no idea the connection between the 2.

Alongside the put up, he shared a photograph of himself posing in entrance of the live performance merchandise desk.

Hamish Harding, one of many 5 passengers who paid a hefty sum of $250,000 for the uncommon alternative to discover the depths of the ocean and witness the remnants of the RMS Titanic, now finds himself entangled on this tragic flip of occasions. A seasoned entrepreneur and explorer, Harding has beforehand undertaken perilous missions, together with a voyage with Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin and a record-setting circumnavigation of the Earth alongside legendary astronaut Buzz Aldrin.

Solely days earlier than the scheduled descent to the haunting stays of the historic ship, Harding expressed his pleasure about being a part of this extraordinary mission. Little did he know that his journey could be shrouded in uncertainty and despair, leaving family members and the world grappling with the harrowing chance of an unimaginable end result.

On this somber chapter of the Titanic submersible tragedy, the choice of Szasz to attend the live performance amidst the continued search weighs heavy on the hearts of these following this story. Whereas opinions might differ on the appropriateness of his selection, it’s a stark reminder of the varied coping mechanisms people make use of throughout occasions of misery.

All of us proceed to hope for the perfect on this bleak story.

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