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Yard Act: The Trench Coat Museum

Yard Act: The Trench Coat Museum


Yard ActMonitor & Video preview

Yard Act: The Trench Coat Museum  (Island)

Vinyl / DL 

Pre-order now. Out 25 August 2023

As soon as well-liked band Yard Act, rightly dismissed as a Flash within the Pan bunch of sell-outs, have launched a brand new single on black 12 inch vinyl on Island Data, a legendary label with an enviable again catalogue of greats. Ged Babey shouldn’t be their greatest fan, however…

The bastards!   That is very, excellent certainly.

It’s stuffed with self-mockery and wild, imaginative concepts that tie collectively within the stunningly produced (and costly wanting) video / movie.

After all it borrows the look and components of the idea from Charlie Brookers sensible Black Mirror episode Black Museum – after which mutates right into a parody of Michael Jacksons ‘Thriller’ video.

The meta, self-mythologizing is neatly executed and on first viewing it’s a formidable return by the band I like to hate.

Musically Yard Act have copped the Hello-Tech Groove sound of Pop Will Eat Itself having bored with being a surrogate Fall.  However, it pains me to say it, it really works rather well. Test it out…

Yard Act are nonetheless arguably essentially the most annoying band in Company Indie Rock and suffused with an endearing or infuriating smugness and clever-dickery, however the music has bought their loyal fanbase in a lather.

Genius! Epic!  Grandiose! Superior!  They are saying.

The video is great.  The music shall be a ground filler on the Irony Evening Retro-Indie-Disco  and PWEI will change into a seminally-influential title to drop in younger hip circles….

The arguably over-priced 12 inch single (£14.99) seems to have 5 remixes/dubs of the music and comes out on 25 August 2023 however is accessible to pre-order now.

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