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Premiere: Sonarpilot Unleashes The Energy Of Superintelligent Matter With New Single And Video, ‘Mirage V: Quantum Manufacturing unit’

Sonarpilot’s newest single, ‘Quantum Manufacturing unit’ is an industrial soundscape whose influence is heightened by the music video of frequent collaborator, fractal artist Roger Mader.

With industrial techno-beats, stuffed with futuristic synths and a cinematic ambiance, ‘Quantum Manufacturing unit’ captivates the listener, drawing them into Sonarpilot’s world of fantasy electronica.

Sonarpilot, the alter ego of producer and digital designer Michael Moppert, is nothing if not prolific. His new single, ‘Quantum Manufacturing unit’, is the following instalment in his long-running ‘The Mirage Venture’, and the fifth in season 2, which has seen him joined by London-based DJ, Jonny Miller. Along with his genre-bending soundscapes, Sonarpilot takes the listener on a sonic voyage that’s totally complemented by Mader’s visible, which might simply discover its means right into a sci-fi movie or television present: assume Blade Runner, Star Wars, and even Physician Who.

Not so long as a few of Sonarpilot’s earlier releases – and but nonetheless practically 5 minutes lengthy – ‘Quantum Manufacturing unit’ focuses on “Unleashing the Energy of Superintelligent Matter”, taking us on a journey into the very essence of our existence. We’re taken past the depths of our expertise, and right into a world of the sub-atomic future, one which envisions a world the place humanity has really harnessed the quantum realm, and nanobots exist in a number of states whereas assembling elements within the manufacturing facility at whirlwind pace. The idea of ‘Quantum Manufacturing unit’ is that superior AI programs have been fused with nanotechnology, binging in regards to the phenomenon of superintelligent matter. It’s capable of frequently adapt its construction and composition in line with its environment, and carry out at an optimum stage – very like a residing creature. It’s a scary idea, and will very properly be our future – however quite than worrying about it, we must always simply sit again and benefit from the unbelievable creations of Sonarpilot and Roger Mader.

Watch the beautiful music video for ‘Quantum Manufacturing unit’ under, and maintain updated with Sonarpilot and their music on-line on their official web site, Fb, Twitter, and Instagram.

Sonarpilot - Quantum Factory  (The Mirage Project, Season 2)

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